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Big projects start with a full tank

Whether it’s isolated earthworks or large-scale road construction, Allied Petroleum is New Zealand’s leading total solutions provider for petroleum products and services.

Allied civil client

Delivering fuel everywhere and anywhere

We have a proven track record for solving refueling challenges at busy sites where heavy equipment is working the land, including in remote locations. From on-site storage and dispensing installations through to direct-to-machine refueling, we can keep your gear moving day and night.

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Allied civil client paying for fuel with an Allied fuel card

Fuel on the move

Maintenance contracts can see roading teams constantly on the move, so that’s where our nationwide, 24/7 fuel stop network comes into play. Armed with an Allied fuel card, your fleet will never run out of diesel or diesel exhaust fluid when they’re on the move.

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Looking for the total package for fuel and lubricants?

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Safety is paramount at your project site. Nothing is more important to us than seeing our people – and yours – return safely home at the end of the day.

Allied community response unit

Case study - Community response unit

Following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, we developed containerised tanks to fuel the civil contractors who were clearing slips and rebuilding the highway.

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