Industrial Lubricants Suppliers

Whether you are looking for car engine oil retailers, industrial lubricants suppliers to cater for a large fleet, or heavy-duty diesel engine oil and lubricants suppliers to extend machinery life, Mobil oils can be trusted to keep everything running smoothly.

Allied Petroleum’s territory managers are your industrial lubricants suppliers, providing you with quality Mobil lubricants and greases. Pack sizes range from small (1 litre) bottles through to large (208 litre) drums.

Industrial lubricants suppliers for Mobil Oil Lubricants and greases available in bulk Mobil-Super-2000-X2-10W-40-4L

Packaged Lubricants & Greases – Delivery & Collection

Allied Petroleum operates two warehouses, in Christchurch and Hastings. We freight orders for lubricants and greases from these locations to our customers all over New Zealand.

Customers who are situated near an Allied Petroleum Warehouse can collect lubricant orders between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm. For all other businesses, delivery to a physical address can be arranged overnight (or longer depending on location). As industrial lubricants suppliers, the team at Allied Petroleum are there to ensure you never run out.

Ordering Lubricants & Greases

Account holders can place orders directly with our Customer Services team on 0800 383 566.

For those customers collecting orders from a Warehouse, orders can be charged to an account or, alternatively, we accept a variety of card payment options. If you’re running a business, our fuel cards program offers everyday savings on bulk, diesel and petrol purchases.

Technical Advice & Call Centre

Use of the right oil for the right application is not always straightforward. Allied Petroleum has a team of Territory Managers in the field that can provide customers with advice.
In addition, we have access to Lubrication Engineers for machinery surveys, product recommendations and technical queries. When it comes to oils and lubricants, suppliers can help you establish oil analysis programs to optimise drain periods and, where appropriate, introduce waste oil recovery services.

Complementing this guidance is our Technical Call Centre; for Mobil customers needing on the spot advice or product information.
Our experienced oil and lubricants suppliers are just a phone call away on 0800 LUBENZ (582 369).

Useful Resources & Tools

Product Data Sheets – Mobil Lubricants

Visit Mobil Lubricants online library to view or print Product Data Sheets containing product descriptions, features and benefits, applications and typical properties.

Material Safety Sheet (MSDS) – Mobil Lubricants

Use Mobil Lubricants online search tool to access Material Safety Data Sheets within the Mobil product range.


Automotive Lubricant Recommendation Tool

The Mobil recommendation tool will help you find the right lubricants and greases for your application from within the Mobil product range whether it’s for the lawn mower, the outboard motor, machinery, the car or the truck.


Looble (Industrial Lube Recommendation Tool)

Ensure your machines operate at peak performance by selecting the right industrial oil for the application by using Looble’s recommendation.

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