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Tailored Advice to Find, Fill & Maintain Fuel Storage Tanks

Advice and management for both industrial and farm fuel tanks, NZ-wide.

Well-maintained fuel storage tanks ensure fuel quality is not compromised by a poor storage environment.

Establish effective storage, dispensing, and fuel management solutions for your business with Allied Petroleum, who can help you source & maintain reliable fuel tanks. NZ-wide, Allied Petroleum works with a variety of manufacturers who produce both stationary and trailer-mounted fuel storage tanks to suit a range of workplaces and applications. We also have specialist installation partners.

Your local territory manager will guide you to find optimal fuel storage tanks for your business and can also provide advice and pricing for farm fuel tanks, ideal if you’re operating in a remote area.

Operational needs differ widely, so tailored packages are commonplace. This may include our investment in the equipment to then loan.

For more advice on the types of fuel storage tanks available, or if you are considering a tank upgrade, please call 0800 383 566.
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Maintaining Fuel Quality

Modern diesel engines are more sensitive to any change in fuel condition. It is important that our customers understand they have a role to play in preserving the quality of the fuel delivered, so as to avoid potential engine repair.

For advice on avoiding water and other contaminants like diesel bug (fungi, moulds & bacteria) in your business or farm fuel tanks, download our good housekeeping guide or contact your local territory manager for guidance on maintaining fuel tanks, nz-wide.

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