Diesel Exhaust Fluid / SCR

With the growing numbers of SCR engine vehicles on our roads, Allied Petroleum now stocks Alliedblue. Alliedblue is used to treat and reduce the exhaust emissions harming our environment.

More and more you’ll see Alliedblue at our Fuelstops, available at the pump – conveniently alongside diesel. We can also make Alliedblue available to customers in intermediate bulk containers (or IBCs) for those fleets that fuel from a home base – rather than by fuel stop network. We also have smaller emergency packs.

Click here to view the Allied Fuel Stops offering Alliedblue at the pump.

Alliedblue pump


Material Safety Data Sheet – Alliedblue (diesel exhaust fluid)

For further product information relating to Alliedblue (diesel exhaust fluid) please see our Safety Data Sheet 



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