Bulk Diesel Delivery

Get Diesel Fuel, 91 & 95 from our Onsite Fuel Delivery Team

Allied Petroleum specialises in delivering diesel fuel, 91 and 95 to a wide range of customers. We offer bulk diesel delivery to farms, vineyards, rural contractors, civil contractors, mines, quarries, factories, transport companies and even large ports. If you want the convenience of onsite fuel delivery, and a reliable supplier to safeguard your productivity, talk to us.


Fuel Types

Allied Petroleum’s modern fleet of tankers at any one time can be delivering multiple grades of fuel. We deliver the following fuels by bulk delivery:

  • Diesel – nationwide
  • 91 unleaded petrol – nationwide
  • 95 unleaded petrol – in most areas

Convenient Onsite Fuel Delivery:

  • Bulk diesel delivery, 91 & 95 fuel orders can be placed by phone, fax, email or from this website.
  • Onsite fuel delivery in most regions typically occurs between 3 to 4 working days (in some remote locations delivery may take longer, and we’ll advise an ETA).
  • Our diesel fuel delivery service is backed up by a well-co-ordinated order management system where we manage all aspects of our customers’ requirements – from order placement through to onsite fuel delivery into your storage fuel tank. By the way -if you need fuel tank storage solutions we can help with that too.
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