Mainland Muscle Cars – Now Powered by Mobil 1

Mainland Muscle Cars is a relatively new category within the South Island motor racing scene, now entering its fourth season. The big-banger class is based around a simple but effective technical formula of pre-1985 rear-drive 6 or
8-cylinder cars, with a minimalist rules package which disallows space-frame chassis, turbos, and 4-wheel-drive.

It’s racing the way it used to be – not dissimilar to the long-gone glory days of OSCA – fast and loud American and Australian V8 beasts that would be as at home in a car show as they are on a race track. Little wonder the class is getting fields of between 25 and 35 cars every meeting, and pulling crowds wherever they go.

MMC at Ruapuna

The Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars leave the line at Mike Pero Motorsport Park – fast and loud – just
like the crowd wants it! (Media 77 photo)

Mainland Muscle Cars are thrilled to announce a great new partnership for the 2017-2018 season that sees Mobil 1 as its naming rights sponsor. Mainland Muscle Cars President Tony Johnson says:

“The club is genuinely excited at the partnership between Mobil 1 and Mainland Muscle Cars. Mobil 1 is a great brand, and it’s synonymous with motor racing here in New Zealand and worldwide – which makes it a fantastic fit for Mainland Muscle Cars.” Tony adds “Club-member Greg Donaldson has been working with the team at Allied Petroleum putting this deal together for a while now, and the intention for both parties is a long-term relationship. It’s going to be great!

MMC at Ruapana Turn 1

30 bellowing V8 and 6-cylinder American and Australian beasts blast into turn one at Mike Pero
Motorsport Park – the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars are back in action for another season.                  (Media 77 photo)


Mustang Race Car

Allied Petroleum’s Clara Fairbrass at the wheel of her dad’s Mustang GT race car.

There’s a special personal connection at play within this partnership.
Allied Petroleum’s Clara Fairbrass is not only involved with the behind-the-scenes marketing effort, but she’s also a familiar face out at the track as support crew for her dad Barry, a
Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars member and competitor. Clara says:


Mobil 1, the World’s Leading Synthetic Motor Oil, has a long and important connection with motorsport worldwide. Currently Exxon Mobil’s technology partnerships include Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 and the Mobil 1 HSV race team competing amongst the V8 Supercars. So it’s fantastic to also see Mobil 1 associated with grass-roots racing events in New Zealand.”

With support from Allied Petroleum, the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars are ready to nail the rev-limiters, and will take to the track for the first time this season at the Speed Festival held at Mike Pero Motorsport Park, on the 28th and 29th of October, followed by Round two on the 27th and 28th of January at Levels Raceway in Timaru.

Follow the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars facebook page to keep up to date with the latest developments from the club.

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