New Zealand’s Authorised Distributor of Mobil Lubricants

Whether you are looking for car engine oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils or industrial lubricants, Mobil oil can be trusted to keep everything running smoothly.

As New Zealands authorised distributor of Mobil oils and lubricants Allied Petroleum will work with you and your business to get the most out of your equipment. We have a team of dedicated Lubricant Sales Managers throughout the country and a team of Lubrication Engineers to help you find the right solution.

Regardless of your need Mobil have a range of products to suit your needs.

We operate two warehouses, in Christchurch and Auckland and freight orders for lubricants and greases from these locations to our customers throughout New Zealand

Ordering Lubricants & Greases

Account holders can place orders directly with our Customer Services team on 0800 383 566, if you would like to become an account holder our friendly Customer Services team can help start the process, or you can apply below and we will be in touch to help you sign up.

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If you are looking to buy now we have a website for small packs (20L and under) you can buy online here and we will send it out to you for free.

Technical Advice & Call Centre

Use of the right oil for the right application is not always straightforward. Allied Petroleum has a team of Sales Managers in the field that can provide customers with advice.
In addition, our team of Lubrication Engineers for machinery surveys, product recommendations and technical queries. When it comes to oils and lubricants, we can help you establish oil analysis programs to optimise drain periods and, where appropriate, introduce waste oil recovery services, learn more about how our Engineering Services could save you time and money click here.

Complementing this guidance is our Technical Call Centre; for Mobil customers needing on the spot advice or product information.
Our experienced oil and lubricants expert is just a phone call away on 0800 LUBENZ (582 369).

Heavy Duty Lubricants

For more than 90 years the Mobil Delvac range of engine oils has lead the way for commercial vehicle lubricants and have developed a range of products to suit every commercial vehicle.

Leading Edge Technology

The Mobil Delvac range of engine oils is one of the most highly developed lubricant ranges available for commercial and heavy vehicles. In order to ensure the right lubricants are used in your vehicle Mobil measures the performance of its lubricants by engine cleanliness, engine life, wear protection, soot dispersion’s, high and low temperature performance, reduced oil consumption, optimised drain intervals and reduced downtime of engines.

Why use Mobil Delvac™ synthetic oil?
The Mobil Devlac range of synthetic lubricants have a proven record of success. The comprehensive range of leading edge technology products is led by Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30, a supreme performance diesel engine oil that provides improved fuel economy and drain interval potential and maximises engine life in modern diesel engines.

Industrial Lubricants & Hydraulic Oil

Are safety, productivity and environmental awareness important to your business? We call this ‘advancing productivity’ by putting sustainability in motion. Mobil industrial lubricants are designed with this in mind, such as the Mobil hydraulic oil – Mobil DTE 10 Excel, which is specifically designed to dramatically improve hydraulic efficiency and therefore reduce power consumption.

Engineered Industrial Protection

Mobil has a reputation for unsurpassed quality and industry leading technology. This is backed by decades of working with customers to improve productivity and profitability. Mobil industrial lubricants cater for all needs and are led by our premier range of synthetic lubricants for industrial use – Mobil SHC. This range of lubricants and hydraulic oils offer superior performance which can help extend the life of your equipment, minimising waste and can even offer energy savings, all while reducing exposure to risks from potentially hazardous maintenance.

Mobil SHC also provide:

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Low-temperature flow properties
  • High-temperature capability
  • Protection against wear

Mobil Engine Oil & Car Oil

It is important to use the right oils and lubricants for your car and engine in order to maximise engine life and efficiency. Mobil automotive lubricants are specifically designed to meet or exceed the latest standards in the car manufacturing industry. Mobil 1 is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand but we have an oil that works for you and your vehicle regardless of your budget, need and vehicle specifications.

Good, Better, Best


Mobil Super 1000

A range of mineral engine oils designed to provide long engine life with enhanced protection capabilities (i.e. sludge and wear protection).

Mobil Super 2000

A premium blend of synthetic and high quality mineral oils that provides long engine life with additional protection above that of Mobil Super 1000.


Mobil Super 3000

A fully synthetic engine oil that provides long engine life for all types and ages of vehicles with additional protection across all conditions.


Mobil 1

Advanced fully synthetic engine oil formulated with proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology. Designed to provide outstanding wear protection, deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjunction with potential fuel economy benefits, maintain excellent engine cleanliness and performance reserve to keep engines in newer cars running smooth and clean.

To set up an account and start buying Mobil Lubricants, speak to our friendly Customer Services Team on 0800 383 566 or enquire below.

Useful Resources & Tools

Product Data Sheets – Mobil Lubricants

Visit Mobil Lubricants online library to view or print Product Data Sheets containing product descriptions, features and benefits, applications and typical properties.

Material Safety Sheet (MSDS) – Mobil Lubricants

Use Mobil Lubricants online search tool to access Material Safety Data Sheets within the Mobil product range.

What’s the right oil for your car?

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Lubricants Return Policy

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