Never Run Out – Why Choose Allied?

Wherever you are in New Zealand – if your business’ productivity depends on having a reliable supply of fuel then choose Allied Petroleum. Delivering fuel when and where you need it is something we are serious about, and we have summed it up in three words: never run out.

Here are five great reasons to choose us:

Great Service and Flexibility

  • Regular deliveries in your area. We have a fleet located throughout New Zealand, with regular delivery runs in place all year round.
  • We keep you informed. On occasion supply changes at the marine terminals require us to take a different delivery approach, we’ll let you know and help you plan ahead.
  • We’re flexible. Our drivers set their day to day delivery schedules, as they know their customers and the regions the best. Therefore there’s the ability to be flexible when the unforeseen urgent order arrives. We’re also flexible about how and when you choose to place an order; by phone, fax, email and online.

Strong Customer Support

  • Our friendly Customer Services team are in contact with our drivers on an ongoing basis – so they have a good understanding of how deliveries are tracking. They also utilise an excellent system for storing your important customer information.
  • We’re employing phone based Account Managers to make regular contact with you, so as to ensure all your needs have been met.
  • We understand it’s important to also deal face to face when possible, so we have an experienced Sales Team in the field throughout New Zealand.


  • We don’t subcontract delivery. We own our delivery fleet and our drivers are all valued employees with a wealth of local knowledge. Getting your fuel to you in a safe and timely manner is vital, so it’s not a job we entrust to a 3rd party!
  • Large modern fleet. We continue to invest in our large, modern fleet and equipment. We are proud of our bold looking fleet, and it’s well maintained. We wouldn’t risk delivery delays caused by sub standard gear.

Competitive Pricing

  • Allied Petroleum offer competitive volume and location based pricing to our customers. In some cases, we also help our customers by investing in and loaning fuel storage equipment.

We’re Local!

  • Allied Petroleum is part of a family owned private business. We’re 100% kiwi owned. We understand the challenges of running a business, small or large, in New Zealand.
  • Nor do we operate with a large degree of internal process, so customer dealings can be more responsive and need not be complicated.
  • We are in your market, whether that’s a small rural town or a large city, providing a vital service.


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