Winter Diesel

Winter Diesel

Each year, as New Zealand temperatures fall, a winter grade diesel is introduced to combat ‘waxing’.

Wax molecules are present in diesel, there to aid ignition, however when the fuel is exposed to very cold temperatures wax can crystallise (and this is where the term waxing comes from).  If enough of these solids occur, then this can cause blockages in parts of the engine, including filters.

For many of our customers crystallisation is less likely, however for those storing fuel in significantly colder areas (like the high-country) the risk is real, and the introduction of winter diesel is of interest each year.

In the South Island, ahead of winter, our supply of diesel changes; formulated so that wax crystals occur at even lower temperatures (for example ranges as low as -12 to -17 degrees Celsius).

At the time of writing (15/4/20) we can confirm that marine terminals at Bluff, Dunedin and Christchurch have already started to receive winter grade diesel, leaving Timaru – due for its first shipment at the end of April.

As this fuel progresses through large terminal storage tanks, and into Allied Petroleum’s road tankers, it’ll soon be warmly received by to our customers.

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