New Great Gear Joins Allied Petroleum’s Fleet

Continued investment in Great Gear has seen Allied Petroleum recently take delivery of two new trucks to join our modern fleet.

At the smaller end of the scale, the first addition is our new DMR (Direct Machine Refuelling) unit, joining the fleet in Christchurch. It is a 4×2 Volvo 320HP unit, with a 7,500 load capacity.

Great Gear DMR Unit

The increase in large scale civil contracting and construction projects happening in the wider Canterbury region has seen a growing demand for our DMR services within the region. These smaller units enable us to deliver fuel directly to each individual piece of machinery on site working remotely, saving them the travel to and from a refuelling station.

At the other end of the scale, the next new addition is the largest tanker in our Allied Petroleum fleet. Joining the fleet up in Auckland is our new 23 metre six-axle HPMV B-Train.

Great Gear HPMV B-Train

The tractor unit is an FH Volvo 540HP. The two trailers will be able to tow a combined capacity of up to 58 tonnes, allowing us to transport loads of up to 54,000 litres of fuel.

Look out for our new Great Gear on the roads!


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