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Mobil Synthetic Lubricants Help Save 4.5% Fuel

May, 2019

Allied Concrete has recently been awarded the ‘Champion of Change 2018’ award for sustainability by Downer Soletanche Bachy Joint Venture (DSBJV) for their work on the City Rail Link thanks to the work of Mobil Lubricants and our team of Lubrication Engineers.

They were recognised for their successful implementation of bypass filtration and use of synthetic Mobil lubricants which lead to improved fuel efficiency, reducing their fuel consumption by 4.5%.

The Trial

Allied Petroleum’s team of Lubrication Engineers first lead a trial in Nelson before a wider trial including the busy Penrose branch of Allied Concrete to quantify the benefits.

For the wider trial a number of goals were set to help prove the effectiveness of the program:

Dale Burtenshaw, DSBJV Project Director presents the award to Steve Urquhart, Allied Concrete Commercial Sales Manager

  • Measurable fuel economy benefits from use of synthetic lubricants & bypass filtration.
  • Extending oil change services out to once a year to reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.
  • Improved safety and reliability from fewer maintenance interventions.
  • Asset life extension with better oils and cleaner systems through lower wear.

The trial fleet was split into 4 groups:

  1. Normal mineral oils as a control group
  2. Mobil synthetic oils in the engine and drive line (Mobil Delvac 1 and Mobil Syn Gear oils)
  3. Mineral oils with oil and fuel bypass filters
  4. Synthetic oils with oil and fuel bypass filters

The Results

Fuel economy improvements varied from truck to truck within each group (sometimes considerably) however on average, Mobil synthetic oils alone (group 2) improved fuel economy by 3.5% while group 3 saw an improvement of 1.25%. When both Synthetic lubricants and bypass filtration were combined (group 4) the fuel economy improvements lead to a saving of 4.5%.

Across the wider Allied Concrete fleet, this resulted in significant potential fuel cost savings.

Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis Sampling

Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis Sampling

The significant benefit of the bypass filtration is in maintenance avoidance with only one B service required per year. This resulted in extending the period between oil drains from 500 hours to 1,000 hours for vehicles on synthetic lubricants and to 2000 hours when bypass filtration is included, reducing oil consumption by 78%.

The filtration keeps the oil as clean as new, removing all but the finest soot and other contaminants, including moisture. The cleanliness of the oil reduces wear and slows down any thickening of the oil. The reduced direct maintenance costs are substantial, in fact estimated to be greater than the fuel saving costs, even after filtration costs and oil analysis costs are accounted for.

Following the trial Allied Concrete converted their entire fleet nationally to Synthetic Mobil lubricants (400 trucks) and 60 have retrofitted with bypass filtration systems. All new trucks entering the fleet are also fitted with the system (70 to date).

During the trial Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis was used to monitor the oil and trucks, it provides on-going data analysis and reporting on oil performance and component wear to aid in maximising the service life of each vehicle. This has been kept in place following the national roll out and has lead to early detection of faults before they become costly. 

To find out how Mobil synthetic lubricants could help your business save money follow the link below, to learn more about the City Rail Link project click here

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