Bulk oil delivery benefiting operations in the Mainland

New Bulk Trailer and Tractor Unit

Allied Petroleum has recently re-purposed an aviation fuel tanker, now dedicated to bulk Mobil lubricant deliveries.

While we’ve provided bulk runs for a long time, demand for this service is increasing from businesses looking for a more sustainable supply solution.  OceanaGold is one such example switching the Macraes Mine to bulk Mobil oil supply last year, away from IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Bulk oil supply to site storage tanks results in significant reductions in spill potential and the risk of product contamination.  Environmentally it’s an important step forward too, as it avoids the issue of what to do with empty containers, and the residue product left within them.

Based in Christchurch, this tanker can be seen on the roads throughout the South Island.


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