Mobil Synthetic Lubricants Help Save 4.5% Fuel

May, 2019

Allied Concrete has recently been awarded the ‘Champion of Change 2018’ award for sustainability by Downer Soletanche Bachy Joint Venture (DSBJV) for their work on the City Rail Link thanks to the work of Mobil Lubricants and our team of Lubrication Engineers.

They were recognised for their successful implementation of bypass filtration and use of synthetic Mobil lubricants which lead to improved fuel efficiency, reducing their fuel consumption by 4.5%.

The Trial

Allied Petroleum’s team of Lubrication Engineers first lead a trial in Nelson before a wider trial including the busy Penrose branch of Allied Concrete to quantify the benefits.

For the wider trial a number of goals were set to help prove the effectiveness of the program:

Dale Burtenshaw, DSBJV Project Director presents the award to Steve Urquhart, Allied Concrete Commercial Sales Manager

  • Measurable fuel economy benefits from use of synthetic lubricants & bypass filtration.
  • Extending oil change services out to once a year to reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.
  • Improved safety and reliability from fewer maintenance interventions.
  • Asset life extension with better oils and cleaner systems through lower wear.

The trial fleet was split into 4 groups:

  1. Normal mineral oils as a control group
  2. Mobil synthetic oils in the engine and drive line (Mobil Delvac 1 and Mobil Syn Gear oils)
  3. Mineral oils with oil and fuel bypass filters
  4. Synthetic oils with oil and fuel bypass filters

The Results

Fuel economy improvements varied from truck to truck within each group (sometimes considerably) however on average, Mobil synthetic oils alone (group 2) improved fuel economy by 3.5% while group 3 saw an improvement of 1.25%. When both Synthetic lubricants and bypass filtration were combined (group 4) the fuel economy improvements lead to a saving of 4.5%.

Across the wider Allied Concrete fleet, this resulted in significant potential fuel cost savings.

Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis Sampling

Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis Sampling

The significant benefit of the bypass filtration is in maintenance avoidance with only one B service required per year. This resulted in extending the period between oil drains from 500 hours to 1,000 hours for vehicles on synthetic lubricants and to 2000 hours when bypass filtration is included, reducing oil consumption by 78%.

The filtration keeps the oil as clean as new, removing all but the finest soot and other contaminants, including moisture. The cleanliness of the oil reduces wear and slows down any thickening of the oil. The reduced direct maintenance costs are substantial, in fact estimated to be greater than the fuel saving costs, even after filtration costs and oil analysis costs are accounted for.

Following the trial Allied Concrete converted their entire fleet nationally to Synthetic Mobil lubricants (400 trucks) and 60 have retrofitted with bypass filtration systems. All new trucks entering the fleet are also fitted with the system (70 to date).

During the trial Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis was used to monitor the oil and trucks, it provides on-going data analysis and reporting on oil performance and component wear to aid in maximising the service life of each vehicle. This has been kept in place following the national roll out and has lead to early detection of faults before they become costly. 

To find out how Mobil synthetic lubricants could help your business save money follow the link below, to learn more about the City Rail Link project click here

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Allied Petroleum continue Sponsorship of Rally driver Dave Holder

April, 2019

Allied Petroleum have continued our sponsorship of Dave Holder while he competes in the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship this weekend at the Otago Rally.

The car is looking great with our Allied 24/7/Fuel brand, and Allied Petroleum is also NZ’s Authorised distributor of Mobil 1 – which also features on the livery.

Dave exploded into the NZ Rallying scene in 2012 and within five short years, on a very limited budget became NZ National Rally Champion. It was an exceptional and unprecedented performance that remarkably also included Dave collecting a host of other NZ Championships along the way.
In the 2017 NZ Championship he and co-driver Jason Farmer were chosen as guest drivers for the manufacturer supported Hyundai NZ and Holden teams. The duo didn’t disappoint winning the Otago Rally, something we hope they can achieve again this weekend.
Find out more about Dave here

Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars Customer Function

April, 2019

The Festival of Speed at Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell took place over the weekend of the 4 – 6th of April 2019, one of the competitions on was round 5 of the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars Series. The weather played ball and we got some great racing in (even if it was a bit cold!). There were several races over the weekend and some tight finishes.

We also took the opportunity to host a selection of our great customers in the fantastic GT Members Lounge, we even got a number of our guests a trip around the track in some of the race cars from the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars Series and three people even got an even faster hot lap in the resident Ferrari 488 GTB with over 660 horse power and reaching speeds up to 225 km/h!

Check out some photo’s from the day below and the listen to the sound of the Muscle Cars on the video.


Allied Rolleston – Now Open for Trading

January, 2019

New Rolleston Fuel Stop Opened

Allied Petroleum’s Rolleston Fuel Stop opened for trading on 28th January 2019, located at the new Weedons Ross Road and Main South Road interchange. The new facility will operate as an unmanned 24-hour refuelling site, with a separate forecourt under canopy for smaller passenger vehicles, with 91, 95 and diesel fuel available at the pump. For commercial vehicles, the spacious site means drivers will enjoy easy access, with a high flow diesel pump for faster refuelling as well as AlliedBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).

The card payment terminals accept a variety of cards including Allied Fuel Plus card, Ruralco card, Fleetcard, along with Eftpos.

The new Fuel Stop is located at 16 Weedons Ross Road, Rolleston.

Click here to download our App and easily find your nearest Allied Fuel Stop or Service Station.

To find out more about the benefits of an Allied Fuel Plus card click here.

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25th Birthday Shout

August, 2018

As we’re celebrating our 25th Birthday this year, we wanted to give back to the hard working farming families out there. You’ve been a big part of our 25 year journey!

We recently ran a competition in conjunction with RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange, giving listeners the chance to win a $5000 holiday to the Gold Coast. Our General Manager, Alastair Tennent, visited the Rural Exchange studio on Sunday to announce the lucky winner – Lynette Hitchcock! You can listen to the audio here.


Birthday Shout Prize Winner

Our lucky winner, Lynette Hitchcock & General Manager of Allied Petroleum, Alastair Tennent

In a stroke of luck, Alastair happened to be travelling through Taranaki and was able to hand deliver Lynette her prize. Congratulations Lynette, we hope you enjoy your sunny break with your husband on the Gold Coast!

Information About the Auckland Fuel Tax

July, 2018

Earlier this month the Regional Fuel Tax (ARF Tax) bill was enacted through parliament. Prior to this change we wrote to affected customers, where we deliver bulk fuel to their businesses or where they use one or more of the Allied Petroleum Fuel Stops, within the boundaries of the Auckland Council. This blog in turn provides that information.

Firstly, our customers should be aware that:

  • The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) will be responsible for administering and collecting the tax and have started to communicate how they will handle this
  • Allied Petroleum will be required to collect and pay this tax to the NZTA
  • Allied Petroleum will be required to supply NZTA with details of all fuel deliveries within the region

The Auckland Regional Fuel Tax is:

  • applied from 1 July 2018
  • charged at 10 cents per litre plus GST (10c + 1.5c = 11.5c incl GST)
  • applied to all fuel (diesel and petrol) delivered to sites within the boundaries of the Auckland Council as shown on the Auckland Council website Auckland Council Geographical Area
  • applied to all fuel deliveries including service stations, bulk storage tanks, vehicles, machines, and marine vessels unless it is an Exempt Site (refer below)
  • potentially refunded through Rebates (refer below) on the same basis as Excise tax

Exempt Sites

The NZTA advise that the ARF Tax is not be payable on deliveries to sites exclusively used to supply:

  • generation of electricity for public use at any electric power station
  • manufacture of gas for public use at any gas works
  • manufacture at a refinery of refined petroleum products
  • any commercial ship (as per section 2(1) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994)
  • vehicles designed to operate exclusively on rails

 Please note it is a site that is exempt not a customer and none of the Allied Fuel Stops or Allied Marine Stops will be exempt.


The NZTA have sent out information about Rebates below is the wording they used:

The Minister of Transport, Hon Phil Twyford has announced RFT rebate eligibility is to be based on fuel excise duty (FED).  FED is applied only to petrol, but RFT rebates will include petrol, diesel and their bio-variants.  GST will be added to RFT rebates. 

If you want to know more about excise duty refunds, visit the NZ Transport Agency website.

You will be able to register and make an online Rebate claims from October 2018 on the NZ Transport Agency website. 

In addition, we have been advised that under current legislation there are no Regional Fuel Tax rebates available on fuel purchased for pleasure boats/craft, however rebates apply for commercial boats.

The NZTA advise that the following record keeping practices may be useful for customers (fuel users) in order to prepare for claiming a rebate:

  • Up to date business details
  • A list of commercial vehicles, machinery, rail and marine vessels which are used off road
  • Supporting documents showing fuel used off road in vehicles/machinery/vessels.  For example, fuel invoices and receipts, including volume (litres), fuel type

Allied Petroleum Invoicing

From 1 July 2018 all invoices for bulk deliveries to sites within the ARF Tax region will show the Regional Fuel Tax. Invoices for card customers (who use one of our Fuel Stops) will list the sites where the Fuel has been purchased. Allied Petroleum has only 3 fuel stops in the Auckland Region:

  • Allied Takanini Fuel Stop         (28 Spartan Rd, Takanini)
  • Allied Penrose Fuel Stop          (42 Gavin St, Penrose)
  • Half Moon Bay Marine Stop     (Half Moon Bay Marina, Argo Drive, Bucklands Beach)

For More Info

For more please refer to the NZTA website

Or visit the MOT website which has a Q & A page


State Highway 1 Now Open

December, 2017

The new State Highway 1 reopened on Friday 15th December, after being extensively damaged in the Kaikoura Earthquake in November 2016.

Photo supplied by: Scott Hammond/

The first drivers on the new stretch of road remarked that the changed coastline was worth the trip, and noted you could see where the old road used to be. Close to 200 cars were lined up for 3km at the checkpoint in Clarence, north of Kaikoura before the road opened at 1pm.

SH1 had been closed for 13 months due to damage from the magnitude-7.8 earthquake in November 2016. It reconnects the major route between Picton and Christchurch.

Photo supplied by: NZTA

Read more about the opening of SH1 here.



Fuel Returns to Pongaroa Township

October, 2017

Last Saturday, our latest Fuel Stop development was officially opened in the small isolated Wairarapa township of Pongaroa. This development has been a joint project between the local Pongaroa community and Allied Petroleum.


The opening of the Fuel Stop was a major event for Pongaroa. Free food and coffee was supplied to the hundreds who turned up on the day, while the local kids enjoyed a treasure hunt, and horse and cart rides. Read more about the Pongaroa Fuel Stop project here.

To find any of our other Fuel Stop locations nationwide click here.

Mainland Muscle Cars – Now Powered by Mobil 1

October, 2017

Mainland Muscle Cars is a relatively new category within the South Island motor racing scene, now entering its fourth season. The big-banger class is based around a simple but effective technical formula of pre-1985 rear-drive 6 or
8-cylinder cars, with a minimalist rules package which disallows space-frame chassis, turbos, and 4-wheel-drive.

It’s racing the way it used to be – not dissimilar to the long-gone glory days of OSCA – fast and loud American and Australian V8 beasts that would be as at home in a car show as they are on a race track. Little wonder the class is getting fields of between 25 and 35 cars every meeting, and pulling crowds wherever they go.

MMC at Ruapuna

The Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars leave the line at Mike Pero Motorsport Park – fast and loud – just
like the crowd wants it! (Media 77 photo)

Mainland Muscle Cars are thrilled to announce a great new partnership for the 2017-2018 season that sees Mobil 1 as its naming rights sponsor. Mainland Muscle Cars President Tony Johnson says:

“The club is genuinely excited at the partnership between Mobil 1 and Mainland Muscle Cars. Mobil 1 is a great brand, and it’s synonymous with motor racing here in New Zealand and worldwide – which makes it a fantastic fit for Mainland Muscle Cars.” Tony adds “Club-member Greg Donaldson has been working with the team at Allied Petroleum putting this deal together for a while now, and the intention for both parties is a long-term relationship. It’s going to be great!

MMC at Ruapana Turn 1

30 bellowing V8 and 6-cylinder American and Australian beasts blast into turn one at Mike Pero
Motorsport Park – the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars are back in action for another season.                  (Media 77 photo)


Mustang Race Car

Allied Petroleum’s Clara Fairbrass at the wheel of her dad’s Mustang GT race car.

There’s a special personal connection at play within this partnership.
Allied Petroleum’s Clara Fairbrass is not only involved with the behind-the-scenes marketing effort, but she’s also a familiar face out at the track as support crew for her dad Barry, a
Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars member and competitor. Clara says:


Mobil 1, the World’s Leading Synthetic Motor Oil, has a long and important connection with motorsport worldwide. Currently Exxon Mobil’s technology partnerships include Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 and the Mobil 1 HSV race team competing amongst the V8 Supercars. So it’s fantastic to also see Mobil 1 associated with grass-roots racing events in New Zealand.”

With support from Allied Petroleum, the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars are ready to nail the rev-limiters, and will take to the track for the first time this season at the Speed Festival held at Mike Pero Motorsport Park, on the 28th and 29th of October, followed by Round two on the 27th and 28th of January at Levels Raceway in Timaru.

Follow the Mobil 1 Mainland Muscle Cars facebook page to keep up to date with the latest developments from the club.

New Great Gear Joins Allied Petroleum’s Fleet

August, 2017

Continued investment in Great Gear has seen Allied Petroleum recently take delivery of two new trucks to join our modern fleet.

At the smaller end of the scale, the first addition is our new DMR (Direct Machine Refuelling) unit, joining the fleet in Christchurch. It is a 4×2 Volvo 320HP unit, with a 7,500 load capacity.

Great Gear DMR Unit

The increase in large scale civil contracting and construction projects happening in the wider Canterbury region has seen a growing demand for our DMR services within the region. These smaller units enable us to deliver fuel directly to each individual piece of machinery on site working remotely, saving them the travel to and from a refuelling station.

At the other end of the scale, the next new addition is the largest tanker in our Allied Petroleum fleet. Joining the fleet up in Auckland is our new 23 metre six-axle HPMV B-Train.

Great Gear HPMV B-Train

The tractor unit is an FH Volvo 540HP. The two trailers will be able to tow a combined capacity of up to 58 tonnes, allowing us to transport loads of up to 54,000 litres of fuel.

Look out for our new Great Gear on the roads!


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